This was carefully considered when creating our products. We have not only equipped our sanitiser with the best caring ingredients, but also with a refreshing scent. Litsea cubeba, an evergreen plant from South and Southeast Asia, is where our sanitiser gets its citrus fragrance from. The plant not only has a wonderful citrus scent, but also has a soothing and regenerating effect.
To ensure that you don't have to wait long for the sanitiser to absorb into your skin, we have taken special care when developing our formula to guarantee that the product absorbs quickly and your hands feel silky and cared for in an instant.
Definitely! Our exclusive active ingredient is the secret ingredient that prevents your skin from drying out, despite the high alcohol content in the hand gel. The high alcohol content makes cleaning your hands highly effective, but it can also easily dry out your hands. Our active care ingredient compensates for this and protects your skin.
Don’t use too much sanitiser and make sure to rub it on the backs of your hands, palms, on and between your fingers, and don't forget your fingertips and wrists. This is how you will get perfect results.
Swiss Premium Cosmetics hand sanitisers come in various sizes and even packages of different sizes. We offer this so you can choose whether you want several small units or prefer the family size. Our smallest unit holds 50 ml and the largest holds 500 ml. Whether you want it for your handbag or in the bathroom at home - we have the right size for your needs. We also offer 5 litre containers for our business customers.
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